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In an adderall induced frenzy during finals week my friend Jen and I got into an intense and, frankly, time consuming discussion about what kind of man we like/who we eventually think that we will end up with. It’s a super hard thing to pin down because ultimately it involves knowing yourself so well and then also predicting the fucking future. But basically, I wanted to write out my 21 year old girl thoughts about what I think my future husband will be like so I can look back on it and see how goddamn wrong I am in x amount of years.

So, I’m kind of an awful person and treat people like shit a lot of the time (intentionally and unintentionally) by ignoring their communication with me and just generally not doing the thoughtful things I know I should do. In my defense most of the time it’s really just me being really absent minded and forgetting to do things all the time. But anyways, I think that this horrible side of me could be remedied in one of two ways — with a guy that won’t take that shit from me or a guy that will willingly take that shit from me. Because I like being chased I typically go for the later but I think that it would be a lot better for me to go for a guy that calls me out a bit more because shame is a great motivator for me tbh. At the end of the day though, he really does have to take my shit, specifically all the stupid shit I’m into and get into because if I want to watch British reality tv shows for 2 weeks straight I don’t want to hear exasperation I want him to sit the fuck down and watch it with me or just shut the fuck up.

He has to be funny, as cliche as that sounds, and more than that he has to find me hilarious because it’s truly a main part of my personality so if that’s not there then he essentially hates me. I want to commiserate over shared humor. I’ve had experience with guys not finding me funny before and it’s one of those things that just digs away at you over time and it sucks ass.

He has to be obsessed with me but not in a creepy way but in a way that no matter what I do he wants to get all up into this.This is especially true because I really look bad most of the time so ya gotta take what ya get.

He has to be into music. Not like “oh how have you never heard this hidden Kendrick song that was only released on this underground website?? it’ll change the way you look at life” but like when the new Chance album comes out we can talk in depth about it. I also need someone to go to concerts with because none of my friends will go to Mac Miller with me and that’s such a shame man.

Everything else I really don’t care as much about. Obviously I don’t want him to be an idiot or be boring as hell but I think that stuff is so relative like one man’s boring fucking idiot is another man’s like Albert Einstein or some shit. And I hope he’s not like ugly or anything but I’ve really, really, REALLY looked past looks before so there’s no doubt in my mind that I could (and probably will) do it again. Looking back on my list it feels so mediocre and so threadbare but I’m going to attribute that to me keeping my options open because at the end of the day you never know who you’re gonna fall in love with.

I guess I’ll just find out (hopefully).



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I have a Wedding pinterest. Like a lot of girls my age I have a catalogue of all the things that I want in a wedding, although I certainly have not met the person I’m going to marry (at least I hope I haven’t). It doesn’t make sense at all for me to actively plan out a wedding when I’m super single and super young, but I still do it without fail.